Joseph Jimerson II

Owner/Lead Photographer


Joseph has been a photographer for 10 years, and has been Freelancing for 6 of those year. He is a seasoned photographer, with great passion, high class, and extreme professionalism.  He is willing and able to shoo almost anything photography. He is a photographer's photographer!  He believes potography is art and will take any safe risk to capture that great shot. From portraits to events, from models to weddings, he will give his absolute best to create greatness for all your photography needs.



Nicole Jimerson



Nicole is the wife of Joseph, and has also been a photogrpher for 8 years. She is just as good of photographer as Joseph.  She also serves as scheduling agent and hadles the business side ofJmark Photography.  She also is a Public Relations Major, and is qualified in setting Press Kits.  She also does model coaching and light hair and make up.  She works along side of her husband, even when she is behind the scenes.  She believes in professionalism and that Image is everything for the JMark Photography brand.